Fremantle Buzzes at Night

FreoThere’s something about a port city which just brings them to life.  Maybe it’s because they are places where many people pass through, and so this temporary residency incubates a requirement to have fun?

Fremantle is a port city which attracts thousands of people daily to experience its markets, pubs and restaurants.

Where the mouth of the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean on the coast of Western Australia, Fremantle has always had a lively history, and there are those who would never consider living anywhere else.

On any night, but particularly so on weekends, the so-called ‘Cappuccino Strip’ on South Terrace comes alive as people search for a good meal, a pleasant drink and good times.

Lined on both sides of the narrow street with lots of pubs and restaurants, the entertainment precinct now spreads into nearby streets and lanes, particularly those streets which edge their way down to The Esplanade and Fisherman’s Harbour.

On a Saturday night, in particular, Fremantle just oozes with life.

Trying to find a restaurant for a good meal is a chore.  Not because Freo lacks good restaurants, it has many of them, but because there is an almost overwhelming choice to be had.  Every place looks to be full, and in Freo the tables tumble out of the restaurants to claim a fair portion of the sidewalks.

Watching plates piled high with delicious food, for in Freo restaurants don’t survive unless they offer value for money, being delivered to tables is torturous.  Not because it is painful to see, but because you know that you are going to have to wait to get a seat, and then to salivate over your neighbour’s food as you wait for your own.

The best tables to be had are those on the sidewalks, because there you can enjoy watching the thronging crowds pass by.

In Fremantle, the cavalcade of passing folks is always interesting as people watching here is such a great way to soak up the ambience of the place.

People watching is both a fascinating fashion show and a window into the human mind.  Some passers-by are aware of their own beauty and strut passed in such a way that they are putting on a show, whereas others are travelling off somewhere in their own minds and would be totally unaware of the people surrounding them.

Good food and lovely wine marry with the company of family and friends and the great vibe which permeates Fremantle’s streets to make it a must whenever you visit Australia’s West Coast.


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