Gabon to get more resorts

The world famous Aman Resorts have signed up to open its first African resort in Gabon, in West Africa. This announcement was made following a meeting in Libreville between Gabon’s President Ali Bongo Ondimba and Adrian Zecha, the Chairman of Aman Resorts.

Aman Resorts are a little different from most major hotel chains. According to its Mission Statement the ethos of Aman is founded in simple luxury that is afforded by an exceptional location harmoniously blended with a unique environment resulting in contemporary and finely tuned resorts that offer, with outstretched arms, an enriching, enlightening and rewarding ‘lifestyle’ experience in which to willingly surrender.

The Aman Resorts delegation, led by Adrian Zecha, was comprised of different project managers and developers who were given a tour of potential sites for Aman Resort projects by Annie Blondel, the Advisor to the Gabon President for Tourism Development, and Dr. Lee White, the Executive Secretary for Gabon’s National Parks Agency. Aman Resorts is well known for being a leader in high-end tourism, and their proposed first resort on Le Phare de Gombe Beach will be their first in Africa. This exclusive project is expected to be a twenty-villa establishment in what is seen as a dream beach setting.

Gabon is a land of unparalleled beauty and is often called Africa’s last Eden.  Le Phare de Bombe Beach is on Point Denis, which is across the Gabon Estuary, about a 30 minute boat ride from the capital Libreville.

The first Aman Resort at Le Phare de Gombe Beach is set to open in January 2012, and it will be followed with two further projects at Kangou Water Falls and Hippo Beach.

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