Get Cooking in Umbria Italy

There is something about good Italian cooking that just tantalises the taste buds and makes you feel fully satisfied. Italy’s warm Mediterranean climate makes for the harvesting of wonderful produce, but it is really the Italian joy for life which enriches each dish that helps to make Italian cuisine so tasty and rewarding.

Technically speaking, there is no such thing as Italian cuisine, because Italian food is very regional. Because cooks love to prepare local produce in traditional ways, there are some quite intense differences throughout the country, which are influenced by climate and attitudes, and which help the cuisine to maintain its vibrancy.

The best way to learn how to cook like Italians is not from some book, but from the actual experience of cooking in Italy.

La Tavola Marche is an organic farm, inn and cooking school in La Marche near Urbino, Umbria, which is nestled on the slopes of the Apennines and a wonderful place to learn the art of Italian cooking.

They have a number of courses which are run over several days. One of these is the Basics of the Italian Kitchen – Country, Sea and Garden Cooking.

There are three types of cooking in Italy – from the sea, from the woods & from the fields. Learn to cook a whole fish in salt crust, anchovies two different ways, pasta with vongole (clams), rich meat heavy main courses from the woods and vegetarian delights from the garden in three diverse hands-on cooking classes. Then enjoy a full day exploring the little-known wine region of Le Marche with their expert guide Marco, tasting local family-run wines. This program includes: 5 nights, 3 cooking classes (1 full day, 1 half day) with 3 meals & wine, gift apron & cookbook, guided wine tour & tasting with lunch (includes transportation), five course dinner and breakfast daily.

Another package is called Cooking with Spring’s Wild Edibles: Fields of wild radicchio ready to be picked, young nettle perfect for tongue tingling ravioli, rich & creamy artichoke risotto – the flavours of Spring in Le Marche. Learn to cook with the seasons; asparagus with salsa verde, grilled wild radicchio crostini with cherry tomatoes, delicate frittata with wild greens & aged traditional balsamic vinegar. Includes: 4 nights, guided wild edible walk, 2 half day cooking class with apron & cookbook gift, two meals with wine, five course dinner and breakfast daily.

If at the end of those sessions you think that you still need to learn more, they have many more programs from which to choose.

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