Getting great bargains in Dubai

Many people go to Dubai for the shopping, and most people head straight to the gigantic malls, but for that true shopping experience where haggling is a must try some of these less obvious places in which to shop as you are practically guaranteed to save money:

Near Al Fahidi Museum, Bur Dubai
Swathes of exquisite fabrics in possibly every texture, hue, and material line the walls of the crowded outlets dotted on either side of the narrow lanes here. The alleyways are clogged with more stores selling the same stuff bundled up on the shelves and on the floor, but as far as choice goes, you have no reason to be disappointed.

From the ubiquitous polyesters to lightweight chiffons, metallic yarns, crushed velours, sheer organzas, delicate broderie anglaise and silks, here you can buy unstitched fabrics by the yard. Check Moral Trading for bargain prices on a sumptuous array of fabrics.


There’s more to Satwa than meets the eye. Stroll through the main shopping square where you will discover great value in fabrics,household products and electronics.It’s a great place for high-quality textiles.

Near Fish Market, Karama
In addition to selling cheap clothing items,the Karama Shopping Complex is also a great place to buy good-value trinkets and souvenirs. Here you can pick up Moroccan lamps, Arabian coffee pots,khanjars (Arabian curved daggers) and camel figurines, all at low cost. Check Gifts & Souvenirs for a wide range.     

Pashmina shawls in varied hues abound in every price range — from the cheaper silk mix to the pricier 100 per cent originals. Sports shoes, too, are a must-buy. Also look out for leather goods, especially handbags and wallets, and a range of Indian embroidered or sequinned table covers, bedspreads, cushion covers, etc.


Khalid Bin AlWaleed Road, Bur Dubai
This may be high-tech heaven but don’t be surprised by the sight of handcarts loaded with cartons of electronics equipment or workers supporting stacks of boxes piled high in their hands as they go about the task of delivering goods to the scores of unassuming shops in the area.

Do not expect glitz or grandeur inside the outlets either. Some are tiny ,with virtually no display items, but what never fails to impress is the availability of even the most recently launched electronics items.Whether it is software, hardware, PCs and laptops, iPods, PDAs, digital cameras,upgrades and accessories— you name it, and you will find it here.


In the famed City of Gold, it is impossible to escape its allure of the precious metal. With jewellery items in every conceivable design, size and weight, you can leverage prices on craftsmanship, or create your bespoke pieces for better value.

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