Good Flight with Malaysia Airlines

I’ve had my fair share of flying with low cost airlines. I don’t have a problem with the no frills airlines as you usually get exactly what you pay for, which is not very much; and I readily agree that the budget airlines have revolutionised air travel and have made it accessible to millions of people around the world who would not be able to afford to travel otherwise.

The problem with most budget airlines is that the one thing that you crave on a long haul flight, a bit of room that allows you to stretch your legs has also been budgeted out of the equation.

I’ve just flown from Perth in Western Australia to Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, with Malaysia Airlines, and I have to say it was a very enjoyable experience.

As usual, I was sitting in economy – my budget didn’t allow for a business class seat – and I was impressed by the amount of legroom that I had. According to pone of my favourite aviation sites, seatguru, which gives you information about the seating on aircraft belonging to most of the world’s airlines, the seat pitch in economy of the Airbus A-330 300, on which I flew, is 34”, which these days is excellent. Seat pitch on low cost airlines is normally 30” or 31”, and whilst 3 or 4 inches doesn’t sound like much, when you’re cooped up in the fuselage for 5 or 6 hours or more that extra leg room does make a significant difference.

The other facet of the flight that I loved was the in-seat entertainment system which allowed me complete freedom to view, listen to, read or play my choice of a multitude of movies, TV shows, albums, books and games.

Entertainment makes a flight seem shorter, and by the time I’d watched a couple of movies and listened to an album the flight was over and it hadn’t seemed to drag at all.

For our meal we were given a choice between Malaysian and western cuisine. I have a rule for myself which is that if I am travelling on a national airline I like to eat the food that is popular in the host country, which in this case was chicken curry. I happen to love Malaysian curries and, although it was probably prepared in Perth, the curry seemed to be authentic, and was delicious.

Cabin staff were excellent and the flight went quite smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that the person sitting next to me hadn’t even realised that we had taken off.

The flight left on time and arrived in Kuala Lumpur early. Getting through KL airport is always a breeze, and I liked that fact that when you go through immigration into Malaysia there’s no need to fill in forms. The just copy the front page of your passport and take your index finger prints. If you are a regular visitor to the country, you don’t even need to have your prints taken each time you enter the country.

My trip on Malaysia Airlines was a terrific experience, one which made the sometimes tiresome burden of flying a real pleasure.

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