Grumpiest Time In Rotorua

I just love grumpiness, especially when delivered with a smile.

A little bird had told me, actually it was one of the tourism operators in Rotorua, New Zealand, that they had their very own Grumpy who operated a limousine and tour service that was considered to be the best in the town. Being interested in meeting others who dared to declare themselves as Grumpies, I had my people contact his people, in other words, I emailed him, only to ind that he was overjoyed to know that the world had another Grumpy.

As I was planning to visit Rotorua, we decided to meet up so that Grumpy could show me some of the attractions in and around town. I was spending two nights in Rotorua, a town which has such a wealth of attractions, under Grumpy’s guidance I soon learnt that the two nights that I had planned for my stay would be not nearly enough to see even one quarter of the really top attractions.

The Grumpy that I met was, unsurprisingly, very similar to me. Large, follicle-impaired, possessing a fabulous sense of humour, and with a robust personality that was both affable and endearing. It is an Antipodean thing, really, to be called the opposite of what you are actually like. Hence, short people are called Stretch, fat people are called Slim, and garrulous people are called Grumpy.

Grumpy has lived in Rotorua for many decades. He loves the town with a passion, and his enthusiasm for his home, and his intense knowledge of the town and its attractions is what makes travelling with him such an extraordinarily enjoyable and enlightening experience.

For those who are unfamiliar with Rotorua it is the centre of one of the most geothermally active regions in the world. Just about everywhere you look there is steam escaping from a fissure in the ground. In and around the town you can easily see bubbling mud pools, geysers shoot boiling water to significant heights, super heated thermal pools, active volcanos and some of the most spectacular scenery you will see anywhere.

The town is also a centre of Maori culture, and a place where you can learn about Maori culture in a positive and fascinating way.

Rotorua is also a place where you can enjoy extreme activities. Jet boats, helicopter flights, buggy jumping, sorbs, ogos, zip lining, mountain biking, white water rafting are all passé here, and Grumpy knows the best operators, and the best times to participate.

The best way to really appreciate a new place is to see it with a local and enthusiastic expert, and with Grumpy you will not only learn about the town and its environs, but you will be engaged by Grumpy and his team’s enthusiasm plus enjoy his great wit and convivial company.

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