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Good news! Grumpy’s first e-book has been released on

This is the first of Grumpy’s Getaway Guides – and is titled Your Guide to Visiting Western Australia.

The book gives the intending traveller an overview about what to expect when visiting Western Australia. The book gives you all the information you should know about planning a trip to WA, and the reader a taste of what to expect in WA’s many varied regions. Your Guide to Visiting Western Australia is a precursor to the more in-depth guides to the each of the regions of WA which will be released in the coming months.

Why do you need Your Guide to Visiting Western Australia?

Because WA is a mammoth place which spans two time zones and both the temperate and the tropical zones. If you thought that Texas was huge, Western Australia dwarfs it, that why it needs a guide to help you plan a visit.

Here are just a few of the many highlights a visit to WA will enable you to experience:
• Feed wild dolphins at Monkey Mia in Shark Bay
• Climb the world’s largest rock Mount Augustus
• Enjoy a wine cruise on the Swan River, Perth
• Ride some of the world’s biggest waves at Margaret River
• Climb an enormous stone wave at Wave Rock
• Dive on a former warship off Dunsborough
• Ride a camel on Cable Beach in Broome
• Visit one of the world’s largest gold mines at Kalgoorlie
• Swim with whale sharks at Exmouth
• Visit some of the world’s most spectacular beaches in Esperance
• Explore amazing gorges at Karijini National Park
• Learn all about whales and cruise with them in Albany
• Camp in the astounding Bungle Bungles
• Visit the world’s only horizontal waterfall near Derby
• Snorkel at Australia’s largest fringing coral reef at Ningaloo
• Admire up to one million examples of aboriginal rock art at Burrup Peninsular
• Sample some of the world’s best wines at Margaret River
• See the world’s oldest living organisms in Shark Bay
• Visit the world’s most isolated capital city, Perth
• Climb the world’s tallest lookout tree at Pemberton
• See a town’s residents captured as statues at remote Lake Ballard
• Go land sailing on massive salt lakes
• Experience a manmade inland sea at Lake Argyle
• View the world’s purest gold being poured at Perth Mint
• Explore a prison’s submerged passageway by boat at Fremantle

Need any more reasons to consider a visit to Western Australia?

Grumpy’s Getaway Guides Your Guide to Visiting Western Australia offers some great itinerary suggestions to help you see as much as you can when you visit.

Being an e-book you can download it onto Kindle, your iPad or your Blackberry and keep it handy instead of lugging a huge tome around with you.

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  • Wayne Johnson

    I’ve done more travelling with my mouse in the last five minutes than Grumpy has done in a month. I’m a lazy sod; I’ve clicked all over this shop trying to find the link to Amazon.

  • Have you actually gone into the article and clicked on the deep blue text, which is the link to the Amazon page where the book is available for sale at an extremely reasonable price?

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