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About Halls Creek

Located almost in the centre of the Kimberley region is the town of Halls Creek.   Situated on the Great Northern Highway 362 kilometres southwest of Kununurra and 635 kilometres east of Broome, Halls Creek is a tidy, well-manicured town which services the regions agricultural properties and aboriginal communities.

To get a good perspective of the town it is possible to do a town walk which follows a proscribed route that is easy to follow.  During the walk you will notice dotted around the town site nine unique, hand-crafted wooden totems.  Each one of these expresses one aspect of local history or culture in words and vivid artwork.  By following the totems, you will not only learn about Halls Creek’s history but you will also visit important historic sites that have been restored as part of the project.

The town has a very good visitor’s centre where you can get plenty of information about the town facilities and some of the outlying areas.  Just a few kilometres out of town you can visit the China Wall, which is an interesting rock formation that is very similar in looks to the original wall in China.

Halls Creek Location

Halls Creek sits on the edge of both the Great Sandy Desert and the Tanami Desert, and it is the northern starting point for those attempting the Canning Stock Route.  One of the local attractions is the Wolf Creek Meteorite Crater, which is the second largest of its type in the world.  Situated about 100 kilometres south of the town, it measures 850 metres across and has walls that are 35 metres high and the crater floor is more than 50 metres below the rim.

Halls Creek is also reasonably close to Purnululu National Park, where the Bungle Bungles are located.   An area of astounding beauty the Bungle Bungles consist of a wild assortment of gorges, canyons and towering rocky domes.

Apart from the Canning Stock Route, two other great desert roads begin at Halls Creek.  One is the Tanami Road which is the most direct route to Alice Springs, a journey of 1185 kilometres which can really only be completed in the dry season as the road often floods in the wet.

The other major desert road is Duncan Road, an alternative route to the Victoria Highway in the Northern Territory.  This road skirts around behind Purnululu National Park and passes some great swimming holes and gorges.

Halls Creek is a genuine outback town but with good facilities and a pretty good place to break your journey through the Kimberleys.

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