Heavenly wine at the Radisson Zurich Airport Hotel

Usually airport hotels are reasonably boring types of places.  Their reason for being is to cater for travellers who, in the main, just want to catch a few hours sleep before boarding their next plane. An airport hotel is normally functional: comfortable bed, good shower, decent restaurants to get a meal.

Well, it’s just not like that at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Zurich Airport.

They probably do have comfortable beds and good showers, and the hotel certainly has easy access to the airport terminal, but it has something else that is quite extraordinary.

At the Radisson Blu you can dine and have a drink at Angel’s Wine Tower Grill and Bar.

This is really different.  In the grill you can sample meticulously crafted cuisine at this fine Zürich Airport restaurant. Massive oak columns and wood-panelled walls accented by rich fabrics by Designers Guild create an alpine chic atmosphere. The ceiling displays a stunning art installation of over 300 stag antlers.    

This restaurant guarantees an exceptional culinary experience. The menu is a sumptuous mix of regional and international dishes, including scallops with apple and beetroot and pheasant with sweet potatoes and gooseberries.

However, it is Angel’s Wine Tower Bar whioffers a totally unique service. The spectacular highlight of the hotel’s atrium lobby is the soaring glass wine tower bar, housing over 4000 bottles of wine and champagne. Wine angels fly through this massive structure to retrieve wine selections. During dinner, admire the amazing artistic show performed by the angels.

That’s right, acrobats, dressed as angels, put on a performance as they ascend and descend a 16-metre high wine tower to collect your chosen wine. It is elegant, impressive and, at times, exciting as these angels contort themselves in complex aerial displays whilst soaring above you, all for the love of wine.

It’s one of those places where the price of a drink is really worth it.

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