Iberia’s half price Heathrow rail tickets

With airlines voraciously competing for passengers the Spanish carrier Iberia has come up with the great promotion to help boost its business to London.

Iberia has launched a half-price deal with Heathrow Express for travel between London Paddington and the airport.

Under the deal, valid until June 17, the 15-minute journey costs £8.25 instead of £16.50 one-way, while a return ticket costs £16 instead of £32.

Heathrow Express is the fastest and transport used to travel between Heathrow Airport and central London. With no traffic jams, taxi queues or concerns, you can be in central London, or at the airport in 15 minutes.

Heathrow Express trains depart from London’s Paddington Station and Heathrow airport every 15 minutes.

In the Heathrow Express train, enjoy a free, Internet Connection Wi-Fi, Sky News TV news, information about London and its attractions, weather forecasts, etc.

At present the half-price offer is only available to Iberia passengers, and can only be booked online via the Heathrow Express website.

Nevertheless, with Heathrow being one of the world’s busiest airports, and with airport transport costs being relatively expensive, this promotional idea by Iberia is smart, unique and will no doubt be copied by other airlines, making it beneficial to visitors.

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