Idiot in a Motor Home

SoreMHI’m a bit new to the motor home thing. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Fly to Darwin in the Northern Territory, then hire a motor home to do a bit of touring.

All was going quite well until the 5th day.

The motor home takes diesel fuel, and I’d already successfully filled up once, but when I went to fill up a second time, I had pulled up at the diesel bowser, which not only had diesel fuel, but also unleaded, both were coloured black, so I inadvertently filled up with the wrong fuel.

Ten kilometres down the road and I realized my mistake. Phoned the emergency number and waited for the tow truck.

My trouble was that I didn’t concentrate on what I was doing. It was a small error with major consequences. Not life threatening consequences, to be sure, but consequences which seriously interrupted out plans, and which, because it was totally my fault, will be quite expensive.

However, it could have been much worse.

As it was, we were still within mobile phone range, so calling for assistance was quite easy. Another couple of kilometres up the road and we would have been out of phone range and the situation would have been quite serious.

I could have driven a lot further before realising my error and that would have done a lot of damage to the engine, as well as putting right out in the middle of a remote area.

Even though my stupidity cost us time, money and part of our holiday, we are still safe and relatively comfortable. Fortunately, we know people in Katherine who were able to assist us with transport, so that we were not completely on our own.

We were even able to do some more sightseeing, which kept us entertained. We were actually in quite good spirits, until we got a call to tell us that our van wouldn’t be ready today, and that call did disappoint us.

Still, we picked up a lot of stuff from our van and we checked in to accommodation for the night.

However, my lapse of concentration was a serious mistake. Despite the fact that we are in a largish town, one which has many amenities and facilities, we were lucky that my mistake was made here. If we had of been further away from civilisation,and next nearest large town is about 1200 kilometres south, it would have had many more serious consequences.

I was stupid. I was an idiot, but I have always learnt from my mistakes, and I will never repeat this error.

I did not give enough thought to the fact that I am travelling through a remote region of Australia. Despite the fact that there are many amenities in this particular town it is still set in harsh country.

The lesson to be learned is that when travelling never take anything for granted, always concentrate on what you are doing, and always be vigilant, even when performing a mundane task.

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