Ignore the Sun Lounge Hoggers

Why is it that when some people go away on vacation they become completely selfish?

I’m talking about sun lounge hoggers. Those people who sneak out in the dead of night at resorts or on cruise ships, place their towel on a sun lounge to reserve it for themselves, then ignore the sun lounge for most of the day.

I don’t even know how the custom of sun lounge hogging ever got started, and I simply don’t understand why it is at all tolerated. What gives a towel the right to occupy a sun lounge before a human?

Of course, I don’t have any objection to someone who gets to a sun lounge before me, and lays there enjoying the luxury of lying on plastic as it heats up with the day. I don’t object if that person is actually using the sun lounge. Good for them, bad for me, it doesn’t play on my mind, and I’ll enjoy lying on my towel on the ground just soaking up the sun and heading off for the occasional swim.

No, my pet peeve is with the people who commandeer the sun lounges by stealth, usually early in the morning. They place their towel upon it as some kind of silent sentry, then go out and enjoy their day leaving the sun lounge unoccupied.

I’m reasonably fair, if I see they have been occupying the sun lounge and have gone off to have lunch, or participate in some other activity which doesn’t require them to lay supine on the lounge for a reasonable period of time, I’m fine with that. It’s the selfish oafs who simply plonk their towel down and don’t take up occupation who get on my goat.

In fact, I don’t even recognise their ownership of the sun lounge and after a long period of time, I will remove their towel and plonk myself down. If they return to the pool area and see me on the sun lounge, I merely tell them that their towel gave me permission to be there. There’s no disagreeing with a benevolent towel’s largesse and the battle has been won.

I’ve noticed that Carnival Cruises is now adopting a policy of removing the towels of patrons who don’t use the sun lounges after a period of 40 minutes. Good on Carnival!! Common sense at last! I wish that other resorts and cruise lines would follow suit.

Sun lounges are precious. There’s never enough to carry everyone at once, so thwart the sun lounge hoggers and occupy their vacant sun lounges to your heart’s content.

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