Indiana Bluespring Caverns

Exploring caves by foot can be a tricky activity given that cave floors are rarely even, and in many caves you have to squat or crawl a lot in order to keep moving through the system.
Near Bedford, Indiana is a cave system which you explore by boat, allowing you more time to admire the amazing subterranean surroundings.

The Bluespring Caverns is a cave system stretching 21.5 miles (34.6 km) and it has the longest known subterranean river in the United States. Although much of the river is difficult to negotiate, with approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) of the waterway being navigable by boat, Bluespring Caverns gives you a unique opportunity to explore a cave system in relative comfort aboard a specially-constructed boat which carries its own lighting.

Like most cave systems, Bluespring Caverns has been created slowly over time.

Many thousands of years ago the White River, today flowing only a short walk from the entrances to Bluespring Caverns, had cut its way deeply into the soluble limestone that now envelope the cave. The rapid deepening of the river left surface streams flowing high above on the flat plain. Surface water found its way into small cracks or joints in the limestone rock and slowly dissolved it, forming cave passages enroute to the river.

Even though the cave is mostly totally dark, life still manages to thrive here, although the lifeforms have adapted to their black environment.

Normal cave inhabitants, such as spiders, beetles and bats are found in the cave; although because of the wet conditions, not too many bats take up residence. The real beauty of this cave system is that a number of aquatic species live quite happily there.

Not only is it possible to see salamanders and crayfish in the cave, but also the rare sightless Northern Cavefish is also present.

Boat tours of the caves last about one hour, but they tours are not suitable for infants or young children and, being a cave system, access to the boat, which involves negotiating a steep ramp, may be difficult for people who have disabilities which restrict movement.

Tours run from May to October, but may be cancelled due to heavy rain when the underground river swells.

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