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Almost everybody knows about Japan’s bullet trains which travel the country at a great speed. As well as being fast, the bullet trains are comfortable and very reliable, and are an excellent way to enjoy the scenery.

In fact, travelling by rail through Japan, whether by bullet train or not, can be a very cost effective way to see the country; particularly if you purchase a Japan Rail Pass, which gives you almost unlimited travel on Japan’s trains, provided they are operated by Japan Rail, and also on some ferry and bus routes too.

The passes are valid for 7, 14 and 21 consecutive days, so most value is gleaned by deciding on your itinerary first, and then working out if it is economically viable for you. For instance, if you wish to spend a few days in Tokyo and travel for the rest of your stay, you could plan your Tokyo stay for the beginning or end of your trip to allow yourself the most economical way to utilise your pass.

Japan Rail has two classes of carriage from which to choose, and the price of your pass varies depending on your chosen class. There is ordinary class and Green class, which is the Japanese version of first class. The pass entitles you to seats on your chosen journeys, if you wish to have a sleeper, there is an extra charge.

The rigmarole involved in obtaining a Japan Rail Pass is more complicated than purchasing a Eurail Pass.

When you purchase your Pass, which must be bought before you enter Japan, you actually receive an Exchange Order, which must be taken to a designated station in Japan where you present your order, along with your passport, so they can check that you have a temporary visitor visa. You then fill in an application form, and nominate a start date for your travel. It is a slightly annoying process, but if you plan to make a few trips, you will definitely save money.

There are restrictions on using your pass on two Shinkansen (bullet train) services being the Nozomi Express and the Mizuho service. This is but a minor inconvenience as there are alternative trains you can take.

One other advantage you get when you purchase the Japan Rail Pass is that it also entitles you to discounts at JR hotels.

Japan has had more than its fair share of natural disasters but it is an otherwise very safe country to visit. It has an excellent rail network which, if planned properly, will give you a great way to experience this fascinating country.

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