King of the Kununurra Karaoke

Wednesday night is karaoke night at the Hotel Kununurra.

Kununurra is in the the East Kimberley in Western Australia, and it’s the biggest town between Katherine, in the Northern Territory and Broome, the largest town on the west coast in the Kimberley.

If you’re thinking that Kununurra may be a mighty metropolis you are sadly mistaken. The town has a permanent population of about 6000, and that can change as even the permanents can be transient, depending on the season.

Despite its relatively small population, Kununurra is a great place. I’ve been to Kununurra a couple of times. The first was about 25 years ago, when the town was a lot smaller than even now, and certainly a lot less sophisticated. Back then I stayed at the Kununurra Hotel, and it was pretty basic. The last time I was in the town I slept in a tent in one of the caravan parks, and it was a better experience than being at the hotel.

On my last trip to Kununurra I was on an Adventure Wild camping tour of the Kimberleys, which was absolutely brilliant, and rather than cook our own dinner, as we had done every other night, we decided to hit the Hotel Kununurra and let them do the work.

The Hotel Kununurra has changed! It’s been modernised. It serves good food and a much greater variety of drinks than on my previous sojourn. It was a Wednesday night, and the karaoke was cranking up. So, a group of us stayed.

The place was packed with revellers, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Some people in the Kimberleys have a problem with alcohol, so to nip potential problems in the bud the security staff breath test patrons as they go into the pub. It seemed to work, as everyone was in pretty good humour.

The karaoke was fairly rocking, and there were a constant stream of would-be stars willing to give it a go. Some voices were woeful, most were spirited but ok, and a couple were absolutely brilliant. Even so, the audience were always appreciative.

There’s a trick to singing karaoke especially if you don’t have a good voice, and it’s one which I discovered years ago. Always pick a song you can actually sing in a key which suits you, and always pick a song that others like singing along with. If it’s a song that you and others like belting out, you can’t really go wrong.

I believe that if you’re at a karaoke bar, you should get up and sing. I chose to do the Them hit Gloria, the one that was written by Van Morrison. It’s a song you can half speak, and a tune you can belt out with gusto, and it always fills the dance floor. And I did give it all that I had, and I did earn a good round of applause, and that was my cue to retire my voice for the night, as the reigning king of karaoke in Kununurra.

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