Kings Park – Perth’s Botanic Playground

At over 400 hectares in area Kings Park, which overlooks the city of Perth, capital of Western Australia is not only a local treasure, but is Perth’s most visited attraction.

Sitting atop Mt Eliza, Kings Park offers visitors magnificent views of both the city and much of the Perth metropolitan area, making it one of the most scenic viewing spots you could get in any city of the world.

Although the park has plenty of verdant lawns and many paved pathways to help you explore, it also contains a large proportion of natural bushland, many recreation areas which are ideal for picnics and get togethers and children’s playgrounds. One of the its best features is a unique botanical park that is filled with native plants and stunning West Australian wildflowers, and from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Swan and Canning Rivers. There are also restaurants, cafes and gift shops in which to browse. Kings Park is also the location of Western Australia’s premiere war memorial and the eternal flame, which is guarded by a whispering wall.

Best of all, the park is conveniently located just a few minutes from the centre of Perth’s central business district.

Given that Perth enjoys an average of 8 hours of sunshine 365 days per year, you can pretty much guarantee that when you visit Kings Park the weather will be almost perfect.

For more of a look at Kings Park, check out my Kings Park Perth\'s Botanic Playground.

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