Kings Park Wildflowers


Kings Park is the world’s largest inner city parklands, and in September each year it is probably the world’s most colourful park, thanks to its wildflowers.

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Kings Park is contained within an area of 4.06 kilometres, the park features many community areas, parklands, restaurants, the State War Memorial and botanic gardens.

Western Australia has over 12,000 varieties of wildflowers, most of which are unique to the state.  Kings Park has an abundance of these wildflowers, many grouped into the regions from which they hail.

In the Southern Hemisphere, September heralds the beginning of Spring; a time when the wildflowers burst into life.

Although the botanic gardens feature these wildflowers in ordered garden beds, which are quite dazzling in the variety and depth of colours, the major part of Kings Park is natural bushland, and to walk along the many bush trails at this time is almost like an attack on the ocular senses so vivid is the range of plants you can enjoy entirely in their natural state.

Generally speaking, Australian plants are tough and hardy.  Leaves can be razor sharp, and it is unwise to walk through thick bush wearing short pants as you will emerge covered in cuts.

During wildflower season, however, these plants exude a softness as they burst into bloom.  Despite the harshness of the bush, many of the flowers are quite dainty and rather petite.  To look at a piece of forest from afar is to see a kaleidoscope of colour.  However, when you get close and peer into the bush quite closely, you notice that there are many layers, ranging from large wattles in deep yellows and reds, to very pretty, low lying daisies in soft, petite pinks and purple.

There are many ways to enjoy the Kings Park wildflowers.

Certainly, wandering through the botanic gardens does allow you to appreciate the many varieties of plants on a grand scale.  As you immerse yourself deeper into the gardens you do gain a glimpse of what it is like to see these same plants range over many kilometres when in their natural state as they cover many thousands of kilometres of West Australian bush.

To wander down a bush path is a more intimate experience, and just as pleasing as enjoying the mass displays.

No matter which way you see them, the Kings Park wildflowers are absolutely stunning and are absolutely a must to experience if you visit Perth in September.

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