Last Sausage Kiosk before the Equator


Sausages in Chinatown Singapore

Whilst visiting Chinatown in Singapore I did not expect to stumble upon the last sausage kiosk before the Equator.

Firstly, I was in Chinatown so I did not really think that I would stumble upon a Wuerstelstand, which specialises in German-style sausages. This one proudly bore the claim that it was indeed “The last Sausage Kiosk before the Equator”.

Wuerstelstands are popular in Vienna, Austria where, apparently, they stay open late into the night so that revellers can enjoy a nourishing sausage after a fun night on the bier. So that’s where Erich the Austrian got his idea from!  Of course, Vienna is so much like Singapore, they both have large Ferris wheels, Vienna’s giant wheel and the Singapore Flyer, so the case for opening a Wuerstelstand smack bang in the middle of Singapore’s Chinatown now makes sense.

Singapore Sausage Kiosk

Erich, mein host of the Singapore Wuerstelstand is indeed a colourful character.  He is tall, lithe and full of fun who is always ready with a comic quip or outrageous statement in order to make a customer feel welcome.

But what about his determined claim that his Wuerstelstand is actually “The last Sausage Kiosk before the Equator”?  I believe it to be true for I know of no other purveyor of sausages that is closer to the Equator.

Sausages near the Equator

There are 13 countries on the Equator, and I could find no evidence that German-style sausage are in any way popular in any of those countries. It is true that sausage is popular in Brazil, but the street foods tend to be hot dogs which share their roll with mashed potato, but is the meat of a hot dog a sausage or a frankfurt? And does it really matter?

Erich served me a delicious currywurst, which was light, sweet and tasty and could have been proudly displayed in Berlin’s famous Currywurst Museum.  The Wuerstelstand found another fan, and I discovered firsthand that sausages and Equators do form an interesting bond.

Where to Get You Singapore Sausage

The self-effacing Erich also makes the humble claim that his Wuerstelstand is the “centre of the universe and the navel of the world”. Decide for yourself next time you visit Singapore. Erich’s Wuerstelstand is at 5 Banda St, in the centre of Chinatown, 137 km North of the Equator at Latitude: 1°16’52.85” N Longitude: 103°50’37.02” E Elevation: 11 m – so perhaps not quite “The last Sausage Kiosk before the Equator”, but probably the most interesting.

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