Leuralla Toy and Railway Museum

LeurallaEntranceNestled near a cliff face near Leura in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales is a wonderful heritage-listed home called Leuralla.

Whilst other Blue Mountains heritage houses have been taken over by the National Trust or other organisations who care for their preservation, Leuralla is still owned by the family who originally built the home back in 1903.

The present home, which replaced one that was destroyed by bushfire, was completed just before World War I and many of the original furnishings are still in situ, so you do really get to know what was at the very height of fashion in the early part of last century.

The house itself is a grand building which stands on 12 acres of land.  Much of the land is decorated with lovely gardens, which are filled with cool climate plants that don’t thrive in too many other parts of Australia.

For me, the true joy of Leuralla is the way in which the Evatt family, who own the house, have utilised their enthusiasm for collecting in order to turn their home into a truly fascinating place to visit.

Much of the interior of the house is taken up with an enormous toy collection, which not only harks back to when the building was established, but also contains relatively contemporary toys, including an excellent Harry Potter collection, on display.

There are very many toys to view, from those that you ride upon to those you can just sit down and play with to imagine your own little world.

Some of the toys are international, such as a ride in Noddy Car, whilst others have a distinctly Australian feel.  There is a huge collection of Barbie dolls, and a great collection of Popeye and friends figures.

Inside is great, but for me, it is what you find outside that I just loved.

I am something of a train tragic, and the gardens are full of genuine railway memorabilia, such as station seats and signage.  However, Leuralla also contains a fabulous collection of model trains, and even boasts a garden track, complete with mountain.

As European trains are much easier to collect than their Australian counterparts, the outdoor railway somewhat resembles a Swiss line, complete with miniature Matterhorn.

Leuralla is the type of place where you could happily spend several hours, which I did.  It is guaranteed that you will find something to capture your interest.

Leuralla is open every day and is certainly well worth the visit.

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