Litchfield National Park Northern Territory

WangiFallsJust over an hour south of Darwin, the largest city in Australia’s Northern Territory, is Litchfield National Park.

Although the park covers 1500 square kilometres, it is almost a pinprick compared to the much larger Kakadu National Park.  Being so close to Darwin and, by Northern Territory standards, compact, Litchfield is a great place to visit for either a day trip or an extended stay.

The park is shaped by water, particularly during the Top End’s wet season when tropical monsoons create the many rivers to fill with water and to flood.

Although the park is open all year, during the wet you can only reach it via the town of Batchelor as the road is sealed and built to deal with the wet.

There are several impressive waterfalls within the park, the best known being Wangi Falls.  In the dry season these falls are spectacular, in the wet, they are simply awesome.

Other excellent waterfalls are Florence Falls, Cascades, Tjaynera Falls and Surprise Creek Falls.

All of these are pen for swimming during the dry season, but there may be limitations on swimming during the wet because the higher river levels can bring in the crocodiles.  Although the crocs are caught and removed before the dry season begins, you should always abide by any signs which warn of crocodiles in the area and go somewhere else to swim.

The park is full of great walks as well.  One word or warning, sometimes the tracks are not marked very well and it is relatively easy to stray.  To the untrained eye, the country all looks the same.  I got lost by not paying attention to the track, but when I realised my mistake I just followed a water course which led me back to the track.

Although the main road through the park is sealed, if you have a 4WD vehicle then you can go off road as well to explore some of the tracks.  This is only possible during the dry when the track will remain solid and there’ll be no deep water crossings.

One of the attractions that can only be reached by 4WD is Lost City, an interesting rock formation which does indeed resemble a mysterious lost city.

Wangi Falls seems to have the best facilities for day visitors, featuring quite a good café and art centre, information bureau, good toilet and picnic facilities and good camping nearby.

Of course, Litchfield is in a constant state of change due to the climate.  In the Wet it is lush and green with plenty of water everywhere, whereas in the Dry the grasses go brown, the place gets a bit dustier, but you do have the ability to do more exploring, so it is worthwhile visiting at any time.

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  • G’day Grumpy and LOVE Litchfield National Park; nothing like the waterfalls, true!
    I am always FASCINATED about The Magnetic Termite Mounds and Cathedral Termite Mounds too!
    Cheers! Joanne

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