Magic of the Night Putrajaya


Every year Malaysia’s federal administrative centre of Putrajaya holds a very colourful Magic of the Night Festival.

This festival takes place on Putrajaya’s lake and consists of a number of floats that are brightly illuminated to reflect each of Malaysia’s states.

The Magic of the Night is run over four nights, with tens of thousands of people attending each night to enjoy the vision of the magnificent flotilla.

Putrajaya is a beautifully-planned city that is 25 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. Although KL does remain Malaysia’s capital, Putrajaya was first occupied in 1999 and was established because of the severe congestion in Kuala Lumpur.

All of Malaysia’s main government administrative buildings are located in Putrajaya, and the architecture there is quite astounding.  It is a perfectly planned city, with its centrepiece being the 3kms Putrajaya Lake, which is tuned into an illuminated fairyland during the Magic of the Night Festival.

Magic of the Night is held at the same time as Floria, a large flower and garden show, which is also held lakeside, but in a different location.

Malaysians travel from all over the country in order to visit both attractions.  When Floria shuts its gates, the festivities begin at Magic of the Night.  Of particular interest are the food stalls, where visitors can sample cuisine from all over Malaysia.

Whilst the appearance of the floats is a definite highlight of Magic of the Night, they are preceded by and accompanied to by a colourful show which incorporates musicians, dancers, singers and even swimmers who don costumes to enact an aquatic show in front of the main stage.

This being Malaysia, the p.a. system is turned up to 11, probably because the crowds form a long arc around the shores of the lake in order to best view the floats.  The human performers are shown on large screens around the foreshore.

Much effort goes into the design and construction of the floats, which all show off the best attributes of each individual state.  Float entry is not confined just to Malaysia as guest countries or regions will also join the convoy.

There is a real party atmosphere to the event, with spectators enthusiastically applauding their favourite floats.

The evening ends with all floats filling the body of water in the cove where the parade takes place.

The Magic of the Night in Putrajaya is a wonderful, loud, colourful and entertaining spectacle which is well worth seeing.

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