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Maldon History

Maldon, in Central Victoria, in Australia, was once the scene of one of the world’s biggest gold rushes.

This gold rush began in the 1850s and lasted for several decades, bringing great wealth to the state and turning Melbourne into Australia’s largest and richest city.

Located 135 kilometres northwest of Melbourne is the former gold mining town of Maldon.

The town was fortunate enough to be established in an area of very abundant quartz reefs, so quartz mining became a large industry.  The area around Mount Tarrengower, at the edge of the town, also proved to be almost throbbing with large proportions of gold.

With so much gold to be had, Maldon grew quickly.  A proper town replaced the fragile tents of the first occupant, and some magnificent buildings were established in Maldon, many of which are still in use today.

So well preserved is the town that, in 1966, Australia’s National Trust declared it to be Australia’s first Notable Town.

It is notable for its late 19th-century appearance, which it still maintains, almost untouched, even now.


Visiting Maldon

To visit Maldon now is to step back into time, particularly as the facades of the buildings remain as they were originally constructed, with modern businesses adapting to fit in with the Victorian style.

The local supermarket, whilst contemporary inside, from the street looks like an old fashioned emporium.

Many of the business here specialise in arts and crafts-like products, and there is a good number of cafes and restaurants occupying these historic buildings.

One of the most enjoyable ways of discovering Maldon, is to buy an ice cream, from the handmade ice cream shop, and simply wander.

The town is built on the side of a hill, and there is quite an incline from top to bottom, but the gradient is still quite easy to negotiate.

If you follow the road to the peak of Mount Tarrengower, and climb the tower atop the mountain, you get some extraordinarily great views of both the town and the surrounding countryside.

In fact, you can see at least forty kilometres to Mt Macedon to the southeast.


Maldon Railway

On Wednesday and Sundays the Victorian Goldfields Railway, which is just outside the town, runs steam trains to nearby Castlemaine, a return journey of about 33 kilometres.  This railway ceased running commercially in 1976, but within weeks the preservation society was formed to offer tourist rides on this great little journey.

Maldon is a short drive to the larger city of Castlemaine and about an half hour drive to Bendigo, and is a place that is certainly worth visiting.

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