Mengler Hill Barossa Valley

MenglerHill1To celebrate the sesquicentenary of South Australia, a plaque was erected on Mengler Hill near Tanunda in the Barossa Valley.

It reads: “In the early 1840s the Barossa was settled by early scattered British families. They were followed by from 1842 onwards by large groups of Germans who had fled from their homeland to escape religious persecution.

The first settlers were engaged in agricultural pursuits, but soon they also turned to grape and fruit growing, for which the Barossa has become renowned”.

It is fitting that the memorial to the early settlers has been constructed on Mengler Hill, because the hill itself was named after one of those early German settlers, and from its slope you can enjoy brilliant views of the Barossa Valley.

Mengler Hill is on the road connecting Tanunda and Angaston, two of the most attractive towns in the Barossa.  It is certainly worthwhile stopping for a while to take in the view, and whilst there, wander along the pathways to enjoy the many sculptures that have been erected there.

These sculptures are what is left of the Barossa International Sculpture Symposium of 2008, and there are some very intriguing works on display, some of which seem to defy gravity.

The hill is a great place from which to get your bearings, and to see just how abundant grape growing is in the region.

There are few facilities on Mengler Hill, but you could still enjoy a picnic there.  I visited at the peak of Summer, when much of the Valley was quite dry, but in winter when the rains make the area a lot greener, the view would be even better.

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