Miskolc Hungary

msklvcThe third largest city in Hungary is Miskolc, which is situated in the northern part of the country and is an important economic, educational and cultural region of Hungary.

The city is surrounded by the magnificent Bukk Mountains (Beech Mountains), which are part of the Carpathian Mountains. As the name suggests there are plenty of trees in the area, in fact, much of the area forms part of a national park.

The other common natural attraction are the 1115 caves which can be found within the mountains. One of these is the Cave Bath, which is found in the Miskolc suburb of Tapolca.

Cave Bath is a very popular attraction, both for locals and visitors alike. A natural thermal stream winds its way through the various tunnels and pools within the caves, and you can swim or float through the caves for an unusual subterranean experience. Although the Cave Bath is natural, it has been added to and renovated to make it more attractive and easier to negotiate, and the baths now also contain a medical centre, saunas and spa and many people visit the baths in order to rejuvenate themselves or just to relax.

Close to Miskolc is the small town of Lillafured which can be reached by walking along a scenic path or by narrow gauge railway. There are several attractions here worth visiting too. These include Lake Hamori and Szinva Waterfall, which is Hungary’s highest. There are three interesting caves here, which include Anna’s Cave, the main feature of which is rare travertine limestone. Istavan Cave is different again, being a dripstone cave, and Szeleta Cave which is about a half-an-hour walk from Lillafured railway station, has had prehistoric human remains were found there.

Within Miskolic you can enjoy Diosgyor Castle, the Castle of Queens and also the Knight’s Castle, which features four prominent towers from which you can enjoy splendid views of the mountains and surrounding countryside. There is a weapon, armour and waxwork exhibition here too that is certainly worth taking the time to visit.

The centre of the town is quite attractive and features a long pedestrian promenade that has an ornamental pavement to provide a link with the past. City Hall Square has many 19th century buildings and shops that that would be of interest those looking for a bargain.

Another attraction is the Avas Observation Tower, which is located on top of a hill and gives visitors magnificent panoramic views over the city.

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