Mobilona Space Hotel Barcelona

mblnspchtlIf a proposed new hotel development goes ahead in Barcelona, when a guest looks out their room window they won’t see the Barcelona landscape at all, instead they will be looking into deep space, peeping at galaxies that are far, far, away.

The Mobilona Space Hotel is a brand new concept that is planned for the proposed Barcelona Island development. According to the proponents, Apogee Investors, the 300-Metre (984 feet) Galaxy Tower by Architect Erik Morvan will be Europe’s tallest hotel building.

According to the media release, and that’s all that I can go on as the project is really just a pipedream at present “With an initial investment projected at EUR1.5 billion, Mobilona plans to construct the first of its kind ‘Space Hotel’ on Barcelona Island which will offer guests an out of this world experience through immersive building technology and the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT). All suites and residences will be equipped with immersive wall and surface displays that provide panoramic impressions of the universe.”

It sounds wonderful, but we are not going to see this hotel any time soon as the site for Barcelona Island hasn’t actually been chosen yet. Before they begin work on the hotel, they actually need to build the island first which, as they discovered in Dubai where they have actually built large man-made islands, is a very expensive, complicated and time consuming endeavour.

The design of the proposed hotel looks like it has been copied from an image of buildings on >Coruscant, the city planet from Star Wars with a touch of The Jetsons apartment building thrown in for good measure.

The media release also promises that “Hotel guests will also be able to participate in a Space Training to experience a form of weightlessness in a vertical wind tunnel.” Which is not a particularly new concept, as similar experiences are already available at amusement parks.

It actually sounds too good to be true as “Space Travellers’ will have a choice to enjoy their trip in one of over 2,000 hotel suites and residences. When guests are ready to return from their space exploration, they will be able to turn off all transparent glass displays with the push of a button. They can then see through them to enjoy the beautiful sea views outside, take a breath of fresh air on their private terraces or visit one of the many parks, pools and beaches around the covered marina on Barcelona Island. Guests will also be able to enjoy shopping at the 24-hour ‘Space Mall’ or relax in the world’s first ‘zero-gravity’ spa.”

I was starting to get excited, when I read that “Buyers can currently apply for membership in the Mobilona Hotel Owners Group to reserve units at discounted preconstruction prices. A separately regulated entity will offer income-producing hotel suites and residences for purchase or resale from EUR495,000 to EUR2.6 million and penthouses from EUR3.9 to EUR20 million. Nightly rates for hotel suites will range from EUR300 to over EUR1,500 and timeshares will start at EUR20,000 for an annual one-week occupancy right.”

That’s when I realised that it probably was all `pie in the sky’ stuff.

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