Montanejos where good health springs to life

The small town of Montanejos has a population of just over 400 people and is situated in the El Alto Mijares region of Valencia, Spain.

Montanejos is best known for being a health spa, where people go to sample the natural spring waters that are thought to be very beneficial. In fact, visitors usually take full advantage of the region’s more than fifty springs, each of which has high quality water.

There are a large number of natural bathing spots found in the municipality which are created by the flow of the Mijares River. Among them are the straits formed by the river and the Maimona gully where visitors can observe climbing tracks and natural pools which collect water from the Los Baños, La Cerrada or La Zorrica springs.

A typical spring is Los Baños which is a thermal water spring. In the past, it was exploited as a spa, but, nowadays, it is used as a lovely bath area where water is consistently heated to 20-25º Centigrade all year round. The medicinal waters of this spring flow directly into the Montanejos Spa.

In the spa, hydrothermal techniques, together with additional treatments, such as massages and parafango treatments are applied.  Parafango therapy helps reduce fat cells, resulting in weight loss. Parafango serum is massaged into the skin during treatment. Warm paraffin is then applied all over the skin. Following 15 minutes of swaddling within a hot blanket, the treatment is peeled off the body. Parafango is mainly used as a treatment for cellulite.  Also, at the Montanejos Spa guests can enjoy all kinds of aesthetic treatments (face treatments, body treatments) too.    

For those who like a bit of healthy exercise along with their treatments it is possible to take a walk along La Bojera; this is a circular path (7 kilometres in total) where nature lovers can enjoy the panoramic views from the Maimona Gully and, the Cueva Negra(Black Cave), located at the end of the path. Other interesting paths are the romantic-sounding PR-126 which runs from Montanejos to Rubielos de Mora, a distance of 22 km.  There are other paths too, with very bureaucratic names such as the GR-7 path, which crosses the Alto Mijares region from Villahermosa to Montán, passing through Montanejos; and also the GR-36 path which runs along the entire Espadán Mountain Range from Montanejos to Villavieja.

Apart from its springs and spas, Montanejos, because of its cliffs is also a very popular place for climbers and walkers, and has over 1400 different climbing routes.

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