Mount Rinjani the Roof of Lombok Indonesia

Bali is an Indonesian holiday isle that is known internationally as the Island of the Gods. It is certainly a beautiful place to visit; with more than its fair share of terraced hills, glorious beaches, fine hotels and resorts, and a local culture that is both fascinating and very accessible.

Whilst Bali is indeed a great place to visit, its popularity with tourists has impacted on the former peacefulness of this lovely island to such an extent that many regular visitors to Bali are starting to take time out to visit Bali’s neighbour to its east, the island of Lombok.

One of the reasons why those who have experienced Bali over a long period of time are choosing Lombok is because it is not as well developed, and is very much like Bali used to be a decade or two ago. That is, it is not overrun, and to a certain extent overwhelmed, by tourists.

Lombok does boast many beautiful beaches and some wonderful smaller islands. One of its attractions is Mount Rinjani which, at 3,726 metres in altitude, is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, and the perfect location for a trek.

The area around the volcano is protected as part of Rinjani National Park, and one of the reasons it does attract trekkers is because it has a dramatic landscape that has been created over millions of years of cone-building, violent explosions and erosion.

Yes, Rinjani is quite active, it forms part of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, and evidence of this activity is readily seen when climbing the mountain.

There are two main points from which trekkers can start their ascent of Rinjani. One is at Senaru, which is in the regency of North Lombok. The other is Sembalun, which is in East Lombok. Sembalun is closer to the summit, but is further away from the main tourist areas around Senggigi in the west of the island, so Senaru does attract the majority of trekkers.

One of the true highlights of trekking the mountain occurs at a height of 2010 metres. This is a huge caldera which measure 50 square kilometres; and this is where visitors are confronted by the stunningly beautiful crater lake called Segara Anak.

Here you will see that a new active cone has appeared. It has been formed from eruptions which began occurring in the 1990s.

It is recommended that you ascend the mountain with the assistance of accredited guides, and that you stick to the main trails. Depending on conditions, the trek can take three days, but in the early morning when the sun rises, the view can be absolutely sensational and fully worth the effort.

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  • yups! you’re right! Lombok is just like Bali a decade ago.. it’s still private and ‘virgin’.. this island also has a lot of beautiful place to go, and Mount Rinjani is one of the perfect destination 🙂

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