Musings About Meelup

MeelupFarmIt is fortunate to have friends who own holiday homes.  Particularly if those homes are situated in lovely locations.

Friends of mine have a farm at Meelup, which is a small community near Dunsborough in the south west of Western Australia.  From the house you can admire Geographe Bay, which curves in a giant arc from Cape Naturaliste north to Bunbury.

The farm itself is no longer used by the family for commercial purposes.  A neighbour runs a flock of sheep on the land, and is responsible for the upkeep of the fire breaks, but apart from the sheep, the farm is used primarily for leisure.

Meelup is on the road out to Cape Naturaliste, and Meelup Beach has been voted as one of the best in Australia.

Actually, when you experience the neighbouring beaches here, particularly those at Eagle Bay and Bunker Bay, you wonder how anyone could possibly determine how any one of them is better than the others, as they is no denying that all of the beaches are truly magnificent, but each is equally unique.

The town of Dunsborough is just six kilometres from Meelup, an easy drive away.

Dunsborough used to be a very quiet little place, but its population has exploded over the past decade or so, as has the size of the commercial centre in the town.

There are some very good shops in the town, as well as some great cafes, restaurants and bars.

Being a fan of well-crafted beers, I did have to savour the ales on sale at Occy’s.  This small pub is a recent arrival in Dunsborough, after moving from its original location near Busselton.  They normally make their own brews, but because of the recent move the new brewery was not yet functional, so I will have to go back for more samples.

Out at the farm, the near neighbours are Wise Wines, where you can enjoy an excellent meal that is accompanied by good wines and fabulous views over Geographe Bay.  Also, the Eagle Bay Brewing Company has a nice premises for a drink, but it was closed due to a private function, hence the sojourn to Occy’s.

We enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing time at the farm, caused by the fact that Meelup is just the sort of place where you can put all of your worries behind you and just relax.

Fortunately, the friends who invited us enjoyed our company and want us to join them again at the farm.

That will be a “yes, please”, just tell me when, and I’ll be rushing back down to Meelup.

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