Must Winebar is a Must

The combination of good food and good wine is more than an indulgence; it’s simply a necessity of life.

When you visit Margaret River, and area in the southwest of Western Australia that is renowned for the quality of its wines, it should be no surprise that you will find, along with the great winemakers, producers of excellent organic crops which complement those wines perfectly.

Right in the heart of Margaret River township is a wine bar which goes to great pains to match brilliant food with great wines. For this reason, the Must Winebar is one of the most popular places in Margaret River.

I was enticed inside by the promise of a huge bowl of steamed mussels which was advertised on their street-facing blackboard for, what seemed like, a ridiculously low price. Once inside, I discovered a bar and restaurant which was elegantly casual and where the friendly, efficient staff where enthusiastic about both the menu and the ample wine list.

In fact, true to its location, every Margaret River region winery was represented. When I asked to see the wine list I was presented with a booklet that was many pages long but which had, on its first couple of pages, the Must’s list of the region’s top 50 wines. All were available by the bottle, and many were available by the glass. Which was a nice touch, as it gave you the opportunity to sample a couple of great wines in the comfort of a cosy atmosphere.

Before tucking into my bowl of mussels, which had been steamed in white wine and a few herbs to give the dish a very delicate flavour, I shared a tasting plate of pates, terrines and other local delicacies, which was accompanied by a plate of crusty bread. The distinction between the flavours and textures of each element was a delight to savour and when washed down with a good Margaret River red (an Arlewood Estate), the whole experience was simply sublime.

The Must Winebar in Margaret River is an excellent place to visit if you wish to sample the best produce that the region has to offer. Here is a place which takes its food and wine very seriously. However, it is not in the least bit stuffy. The Must is a very welcoming, friendly establishment that is staffed by enthusiastic people who know their local foods and wines very well; and who take great pains to make you feel comfortable as they encourage you to taste the best that Margaret River has to offer.

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