Narrabeen Lakes a relaxing part of Sydney

Sailing on Narrabeen Lakes
I often reckon that the best way for a visitor to get to know a place is to go where the locals go, and get away from the tourist spots.

Once such place in Sydney is Narrabeen Lakes, which is located on the Northern Beaches, about 15 kilometres north of Sydney CBD.

Narrabeen Lake is actually an estuary, so is tidal.  Flanked by Pittwater Road to the east and Wakehurst Parkway to the west, Narrabeen Lakes is Sydney’s northern beaches largest estuary system. Everyone calls the body of water Narrabeen Lakes, giving it a plural status.

It is an important recreational area, and very popular on weekends.  Canoeing, kayaking, sail boarding and fishing are practised here, and you can often sit in a pretty picnic area around the shoes of the lake and enjoy watching some aquatic competition.  The lake even has its own sailing club, Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club, which has competitions for various classes of vessels including Heron’s, Laser’s and windsurfers.  If you wish to learn how to sail, the Club holds classes for adults and children at various times.


Narrabeen Lakes is located in the beachside suburb of Narrabeen, which has got a great village atmosphere.  Here you can enjoy a coffee or meal as you sit beside the lake, or make the short walk up to North Narrabeen Beach for a surf.

There is a caravan park located on the shores of the Lakes, which is ideal if you wish to stay in the area.  You can camp there, or hire a villa or bungalow should you wish for something a little more comfortable.

For those interested in rock history, the local pub, which is now called The Sands, but used to be called The Antler, was where Midnight Oil used to play regular gigs, as did INXS.

If you are using public transport to get around, there are plenty of buses that travel to and from Sydney which can set you down at Narrabeen.

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