Never Dull and Boring in Scotland and Oregon

It was probably inevitable that it would happen at some stage. The Scottish town of Dull wants a sister city relationship with the town of Boring in Oregon. Normally, towns or cities who seek such relationships never generate any publicity, as the topic is definitely considered to be dull and boring as far as newsworthiness is concerned; but when Dull and Boring get together the whole sister city concept suddenly becomes very exciting indeed.

So for this ground breaking story I thought that I’d introduce to the moderately interesting towns of Dull and Boring.

Dull is a small village of 145 people in the parish of Perth, Scotland, not far from the far bigger town of Aberfeldy. It got its name, apparently, from the plain on which it is situated.

Dull was the site of an early Christian monastery, and it was also the birthplace of the founder of the Dewar Whisky dynasty. Behind Dull’s church is a holy well that is said to have miraculous waters; but perhaps Mr Dewar’s waters have caused many more people over the years to feel quite good on the night, and quite a bit queasy the day after.

Boring, on the other hand, is much bigger than Dull, being home to about 13,000 people. It is close to the city of Portland, Oregon and is part of Clackamas County. The town got its name, not from the general demeanour of its residents, but took it from the name of an early resident, a Mr William H. Boring.

Boring started life in 1903 as a timber town and now it is home to a thriving nursery industry which propagates plants for distribution all over the United States. It used to have a railway connecting it to Portland, but the line has been removed and now the land that it occupied became a bicycle and pedestrian trail called the Springwater Corridor.

The townspeople of Boring are so proud of their town they promote is as “Boring – the most exciting place to live”.

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