NZ Naked Bus strips prices

There are a couple of ways for getting around New Zealand.  You can fly, drive, catch a train, or do it by bus.

New Zealand is such an outstandingly beautiful country that I wouldn’t fly unless I was on a very tight timetable.  There’s nothing wrong with the New Zealand domestic airlines, it’s just that New Zealand is one place in the world where you really should look at the view.

Trains are a good option for watching the countryside as you choof by, but the New Zealand rail network is not all that extensive, so you have some limitations on routes to take.

Driving is good, but if you rent a car or campervan it can be costly.  The cheapest alternative it to catch the bus, and New Zealand has a bus service that is cheaper than most.

Called Naked Bus, you are not required to remove your garments upon entering the vehicle.  In fact, if you’ve ever been to New Zealand you’d know that it can get so cold there you sometimes don’t even want to remove your clothes when having a sauna.

Naked Bus gets its name because it has really stripped back prices, and guarantees to offer at least one $1 seat on every bus.

A long distance bus tickets for just one dollar?  That’s right, and they’re even more generous than they first seem because it is for a New Zealand dollar, which is worth about US70¢.  Mind you to get a $1 fare you do have to book months in advance so if you have no specific plan, then you will probably miss out.

However, the fares aren’t that horrendous even when you purchase a ticket close to your travel date.  I got a quote for one way Auckland to Wellington for NZ$42.99.  When you consider that the trip takes over 12 hours, that’s not a bad price.

If you are a traveller then you are allowed to take 20kg of luggage with you for the price of your ticket.  Any more luggage, or large items, such as surfboards, attracts a luggage fee.

Naked Bus has a network which covers both the main islands of New Zealand.  As well as being a point-to-point bus service, they will also organise tours for travellers, and have a number of tour operators as partners to make your trip a little easier.

Because of the price, some of the routes are very popular and it may not be possible to get tickets for exactly when you would like to travel.  Also, the sooner that you book a ticket, the cheaper it will generally be.

If you have a fair idea of what you want to see in new Zealand and some form of itinerary, pre-planning and booking with Naked Bus may save you a lot of money.

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  • Trevor

    I must agree, I used Naked bus for my travels in March/April last year. If I was staying for a couple of days at a location I would always double check the departure point and even get the early the day before and speak to the drivers. I never had any problems. I used them for a day trip to Milford Sound, they got in contact with me via email when a slip closed the road and rebooked later in the week. I managed to book early and get the $1 seats from Queenstown to Franz Josef and Franz Josef to Westport. I travelled with a bicycle (Boxed up for bus travel), I just had to use there oversized baggage section of there website and book it in for $10 a sector. Sometimes the driver wouldn’t charge me for the oversize box. I also used air NZ for 4 flights, there fares where quite cheap and the extra piece of luggage was charges at $15. I have booked another trip for March this year. Naked bus are also getting into accommodation. I have booked all my 14 nights for $5 a night NZ. Will have to let you know how it goes!

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