Off Season Best for Travel

arptpsngrsThere are times when I can act quite curmudgeonly; but with a name like Grumpy, that should be expected, I guess.

I do love to travel though, and my interests are quite broad, but one of my pet hates is travelling in peak season to a destination that is over crowded with other peak season travellers. When my children were at school it was difficult to avoid peak season travel, as peak season always coincides with school vacations, but now that my kids are out of my hair, not that I have much anyway, I rarely venture to any destination which is having its peak season.

Alright, I do understand that the reason why most places have a peak season is because it is the best time to visit. Obviously, if I wished to ski, then I would have to visit a resort when there was adequate snow on the ground; if I wished to visit a tropical island, then the best time to do that is outside of typhoon/cyclone/hurricane season when I will have more time to enjoy the locale without putting myself in potential danger.

Travelling off season saves money, and often you can really get to know a place much better than during high season when it has been artificially filled with tourists, and you don’t really get adequate opportunity to meet the locals or get a feel for their way of life.

Bear in mind that off season doesn’t necessarily mean that you travel during the direct opposite of peak season, which is generally the worst time to visit a place. Peak season really refers to a particularly popular vacation time, Christmas and Easter, or holiday weekends when people have the ability to get away for extra time, or school vacations when all members of the family can travel together. Mostly, if I wish to see a place at its best, I will travel there either just before or just after peak season. This way I do avoid the crowds, costs are much lower, and there is usually more opportunity to enjoy your choice of accommodation and attractions.

For instance, during normal times, never go to an amusement park on a weekend when visitor numbers are boosted. Go mid week when queues for attractions are shorter, and you can do more things which give you, in my opinion, much more value for money.

One of my favourite tricks is to change hemispheres. I live in the Southern Hemisphere and I like the sun, so I take my summer holiday in winter and head to the Northern Hemisphere where its summer (out of peak season, of course), that way I get two summers, which really suits me fine.

If you have the flexibility, plan to travel off season, it will save you money, angst and mingling with crowds.

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