Only in Las Vegas – Dinner in the Sky

If you’ve got a head for heights and a strong stomach you may wish to partake of the latest Las Vegas dining experience.

Called Dinner in the Sky, you are suspended about 180 feet up in the air at a 22-seat sky table which held aloft by a gigantic crane.  In the middle of the table are three staff, a chef, waiter and entertainer (although, I’d probably want a skydive instructor there too, just in case).

They have a couple of set menus and can even cater for vegetarians.  In the event that you should wish to use the rest room, they can lower the sky table in about three minutes t accommodate your needs.

The experience doesn’t come cheap as the charge $289 dollars for a flight time of 25 minutes.

Hopefully they don’t serve you a raw prawn, as Dinner in the Sky would give new meaning to the phrase chucking up!

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