Pacific Expeditions on Silver Discoverer

slvrxplrThe world is opening up quite rapidly. Places that were once hard to reach, or lacked the facilities to cater for multitudes of visitors are now able to cope with a growing number of tourists. For many remote island nations, part of the reason for putting them firmly on the tourist map is that purpose-built small ships are being designed specifically to venture into areas in an ecologically sustained way which has little adverse impact on the local people and the regions in which they live.

One cruise line which specialises is expeditionary cruises to otherwise remote areas is Silversea Expeditions. They have recently announced that their eighth ship, Silver Discoverer, has an exciting range of itineraries which will carry it through many of the remote archipelagos of the Pacific.

Silver Discoverer carries just 128 passengers in luxurious comfort. Her shallow draft allows her to navigate closer to shore, and with a fleet of 12 Zodiacs and a glass-bottom boat, guests can land on isolated shores and explore wetlands and submerged ecosystems, up-close and in-depth.

Itineraries have been created which explore remote areas of Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia in addition to the Russian Far East, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia, including one of its hidden treasures, the vast Kimberley coast.

On the Kimberley Cruise witness the spectacular tidal change of the horizontal waterfall at Montgomery Reef, view King George’s towering twin falls, dodge huge estuarine crocodiles, experience the sheer vastness of Mitchell Falls from a helicopter and photograph the spectacular Bungle Bungles with their beehive shapes.

Explore coastal Siberia which is one of the planet’s least explored and most remarkable destinations. Sail from Sakhalin and the western Kamchatka Peninsula to the Kuril Islands, this voyage explores the remote region where nature has exceeded herself, and travellers have only begun to set foot.

Labelled as “The Country of a Thousand Islands,” spend 17-days sailing Indonesia which is, in fact, a country of over 17,000 islands sprinkled across the Indian and Pacific Oceans between Malaysia and Australia. The world’s largest archipelago is an astonishingly beautiful nation with its powdery white beaches, sparkling turquoise seas, jade landscapes and misty volcanoes.

Enjoy Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia on the one 18-day cruise. From Cairns in Australia to Auckland, New Zealand via some of the most remote atolls in the Pacific Ocean. You will experience some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world, as well as participate in local traditional ceremonies and learn about ancient customs. The fleet of Zodiac boats enable Silversea guests to visit small islands and atolls simply not possible with larger ships. Among the highlights are the chance to explore the Phoenix Islands protected area in Kiribati, Bora Bora and New Caledonia, the Cook Islands, Kennedy Island also known as Plum Pudding Island in Solomon Islands, Luganville and Champagne Beach in Vanuatu.

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