Cruising on the ship of the desert

For many people camels are associated with the Sahara Desert, or they conjure up the image of Lawrence of Arabia being bounced over hot sands on his trusty beast. However, it’s a little known fact that Australia has the largest population of wild camels in the world. Although the camel is not native to Australia, camels were considered the best form of transport across the wide Australian deserts, so were imported in the 1800s to help develop the country. Beltana Station is run by Russell and Ros Osborne, both of whom have a fascination for camels. They have spent a number of years researching camels and studying their behavioural patterns, feeding habits, temperament and the best ways to handle them. . . . → Read More: Cruising on the ship of the desert

Maldon Victoria

Maldon, in Central Victoria, in Australia, was once the scene of one of the world’s biggest gold rushes. So well preserved is the town that the National Trust declared it to be Australia’s first Notable Town. To visit Maldon now is to step back into time, particularly as the facades of the buildings remain as they were originally constructed, with modern businesses adapting to fit in with the Victorian style. Many of the business here specialise in arts and crafts-like products, and there is a good number of cafes and restaurants occupying these historic buildings. . . . → Read More: Maldon Victoria

Snail Rail to Ouagadougou

If you board the train expecting adventure your ideals shall be richly rewarded . . . → Read More: Snail Rail to Ouagadougou

Avalon Waterways New Suite Ships

Avalon Waterways currently has 28 popular river cruise itineraries . . . → Read More: Avalon Waterways New Suite Ships

In Search of the Lost City

They were ancient and foreboding, shimmering in the haze of the noon day sun . . . → Read More: In Search of the Lost City