Perfect Palawan in The Philippines


As The Philippines biggest province Palawan comprises the main island, called Palawan, which is 450 kilometres long, and has 2,000 kilometres long coastline, which stretches in one long finger-shape from Mindoro in the north to the island of Borneo in the south, embracing the crystal clear waters of both the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea.

Surrounding the main island are about 1700 other islands, where you can find hundreds of bays, coves and sandy beaches.  The main island of Palawan is 50 kilometres wide at certain points and the interior of the island is covered with jungle and a mountain range which rises to 1100 metres (3,500 feet) in height.  Because is its remoteness from the rest of The Philippines, Palawan is both politically and socially quieter than other parts f the country, and so an ideal place to visit if you wish to get away from it all.

Much of Palawan remains in a pristine state because the local resort operators are committed to the tenets of environmental conservation and protection and with eco-tourism as the byword in the travel industry.  As a result, Palawan resort operators are going to great lengths to ensure that the natural wonders of the province remain well preserved.

As you would expect on such an environmentally important island, water activities are the main drawcard for travellers.

Palawan is The Philippines’ premier scuba diving destination simply because this is where 35 percent of the country’s coral reefs are found. Popular dive spots include Tubbataha Reefs in the Sulu Seam, El Nido in the north, and the Calamianes islands.  Snorkelling in the clear, emerald waters around the islands is an option for less adventurous guests. Kayaking in placid lagoons provides the perfect break from hours of swimming or basking in the sun. Some resorts offer motorized sports facilities, but these activities are limited to minimize disturbance to wildlife, especially in wilderness areas.

Many divers have discovered the sunken shipwrecks in the waters of Coron in northern Palawan where it is possible to explore World War II vintage Japanese battleships and freighters at depths of 10 and 40 metres. To be able to obtain such a close-up view of the imperial Japanese fleet is somewhat like being in an underwater museum.     

One of the most scenic places to visit on Palawan is El Nido, a town that is surrounded by about 45 islands.  It is here that you find the spectacular karst limestone cliffs, which are similar to those in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, and Guilin in China.  El Nido also boasts great beaches, clear waters, fabulous diving and simply spectacular scenery.

The best way to reach Palawan is by air, with several airlines running regular routes from Manila and Cebu.  There are a number of ferries that service Palawan from other parts of The Philippines.  Travelling by ferry is not only a cheaper alternative than flying, but the ferry services tend to be more regular too.

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