Picturesque Drive from Fremantle to Perth Western Australia

If you are visiting Perth, Western Australia and you have hired a car, here’s a picturesque drive from the port city of Fremantle to Kings Park which overlooks the city of Perth. Feel free to stop anbd look at any of the landmarks that I mention.

This drive begins at The Esplanade, which is the large park near Fishing Boat Harbour. You can’t miss it, as there is a large ferris wheel in the park.

Drive north along Marine Terrace until you reach the roundabout, where you make a right turn into Cliff St. As you enter Cliff St you pass an annexe of the West Australian Maritime Museum, and here you will see the wreck of the Batavia, a Dutch ship that was wrecked in the Abrolhos Islands with tragic circumstances.

At the end of Cliff St turn left into Phillimore St and follow the roundabout across the railway line and get onto Peter Hughes Drive, which is part of the wharf area. On your left is the main building of the Maritime Museum, which is worth seeing, but will take a few hours. Turn right onto Peter Hughes Drive and follow the road past the E Shed Markets and the Passenger Terminal then turn left onto Beach St, which turns into Riverside Rd. By now you should be following the Swan River, which is on your left.

Keep following Riverside Rd around to Jerrat Drive, where you turn left, and follow that to the junction with Preston Point Rd, where you also turn left. Head east to Point Walter Rd, where you turn left and then follow this road all the way to the Point Walter Golf Course, after which you turn right onto Carroll Drive. There is an acute bend here, so turn next left, onto Honour Ave, which leads you to Point Walter where you should stop to admire the view. As this is a dead end, return along Honour Ave and turn left at Burke Drive, which you follow for its whole length. Along this portion of the drive you will get superb views of the city and of Kings Park.

At the end of Burke Drive turn right into Lentona St and left onto Canning Highway, which you follow to the Kwinana freeway, where you veer left. Stay in the left hand lane as you drive down the freeway and enjoy the views of the Canning River.

Turn left at the Mill Point Rd exit immediately before the Narrows Bridge and turn right onto Mill Point Rd, then first left onto Mill Point Close, and follow South Perth Esplanade to see spectacular views of Perth City. As you get close to South Perth Jetty there are plenty of cafes and restaurants if you wish to stop and enjoy the view over a drink or a meal.

Turn right into Mends St, which is opposite the jetty, and left at the Windsor Hotel into Mill Point Rd. As you drive along Mill Point Rd you will see Perth Zoo on your right, it is worth a visit, but you will need a couple of hours to see it properly.

As you drive along Mill Point Rd you can turn left at both Coode St and Hurlingham St in order to more great views of Perth Water and the city. After you pass Swanview Terrace, which is on your left, you will need to turn right at Way Rd and then left at Canning Highway.

Stay in the left lane and turn left onto The Causeway. Get into the right lane on The Causeway (note there are clearly marked bus lanes – do not get onto them!), and when you get to the roundabout turn right into Hay St, and then left at the lights. As you pass the lights you will see the WACA cricket ground on your right, and immediately after that Queens Gardens.

Follow hay St up past Bennett St and look for street parking on this block so that you can visit Perth Mint, which is on the corner of Hay St and Hill St, and is an attraction that is definitely worth seeing.

After leaving The Mint drive up Hay St and turn left onto Hill St (both of which are one way streets). Drive one block down Hill St and turn right onto Adelaide Terrace. After one block Adelaide Terrace turns into St Georges Terrace, which is the city’s main street.

As you drive up St Georges Terrace you will see Perth Concert Hall, Government House and Perth Council Chambers on your left. Once you pass Barrack St you will see London Court on your right, which is a shopping arcade built in Tudor style.

Keep following St Georges Terrace and where you see Barracks Arch on your right the road turns into Malcolm St. As you cross over the freeway you will see the Western Australian Parliament on your right, and as you reach the top of the hill turn left into Fraser Avenue and you have reached Kings Park.

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