Poros in Greece where Poseidon ruled the waves

Poseidon was the ancient Greek God of the Sea, and you can find the remains of the temple that was dedicated to him on the island of Poros.

Located in the Saronic Gulf, Poros is separated from the Peloponnese mainland by a 200 metre wide channel of water. Poros is formed by two islands, Kalavria and Spheria. Kalavria is slightly larger in area than Spheria which is volcanic in nature. Poros forms part of the Saronic Islands, along with the islands of Aegina, Hydra and Spetses.

With evidence showing that Poros has been inhabited since prehistoric times, it is worthwhile to visit some of the sites that are associated with its human occupation. Its archaeological museum hosts important findings from the Mycenaean and Roman era, as well as findings of ancient shipwrecks from the Argo-Saronic Gulf.

According to mythology, Poros is the land where a tragic romance occurred. When the Cretan King Minos was fighting the city of Megara, the daughter of the besieged city, Scylla, fell in love with the Cretan King.  To show her love she cut off a lock of her father’s hair, which were the source of his immortality, stole the keys to the city’s gates and gave them to King Minos.  But when the king finally took the city, he rejected Scylla and prepared to return to Crete. In desperation, she jumped into the sea and followed the ships until she drowned of exhaustion

You can visit the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon, built circa 520 BC, in the northern part of the island. The Temple has a bit of a bloodthirsty history as the Athenian rhetorician, Dimosthenes, committed suicide in this temple by drinking poison, pursued by Philip, the King of Macedonia.  One of the lovely things about learning ancient Greek history is to discover that you could make a living out of being a rhetorician, which means that you were known for your verbal extravagance, and was the ancient version of today’s radio shock jocks.    

And although the history is fascinating, most people visit Poros for its beaches and lifestyle.  There are a number of beaches on the island, with the busiest being Askeli Beach, which is just 3kms north of Poros Town.  The pleasantly-named Love Beach is reputed to be the most beautiful beach on the island, but its reputation means that it too can get crowded.  If you do crave seclusion, then two beaches which rarely get a crowd are Kalavria and Vayionia, but there are both a fair way out of town.

Poros hotels and other accommodation, such as rooms, studios and apartments, can be found in the capital as well as in some picturesque villages and nearby some of the many beautiful beaches of the island. The island is one of the closest to Athens and is just a 60 minute trip by Flying Dolphin from Piraeus port in Athens or enjoy a relaxing 2.5 hours trip taking in the magnificent Greek views of the Saronic Gulf on a luxury ferry. Poros island is just two minutes by taxi boat from the Greek mainland Galatas. Other Saronic Gulf Greek islands are easily reachable using the excellent Flying Dolphin or Ferry services.

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