Punta Cana Dominican Republic

pntcnTourism is reaching into some area which used to be considered inaccessible, but build an airport and erect lots of resorts and just about anywhere can become a popular tourist retreat. It wasn’t all than many years ago that the Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic was considered to very out of the way. Yet, given a fair amount of development, reasonably priced airfares and a good location filled with plenty of great beaches and the Dominican Republic is beginning to become one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean.

One of the destinations that is growing in popularity is Punta Cana which is near the eastern tip of the country, near the city of Higuey, which has a fascinating history which dates back over 500 years to the time of Christopher Columbus.

Punta Cana first began attracting tourists back in the 1970s, when accommodation and other infrastructure was relatively primitive. Today the area has many hotels and resorts, and facilities are geared towards providing plenty of activities for tourists to enjoy. There is about 100 kilometres (62 miles) of good coastline in the region, with many of the beaches providing a range of accommodation. Some of the big names in tourist accommodation such as Melia, Hard Rock Resorts and Club Med are represented here.

Nearby to Punta Cana is another popular resort area called Bavaro, and, combined, the tow areas are marketed as the Coconut Coast.

Apart from the beautiful, palm-fringed beaches, one of the reasons for the popularity of Punta Cana is that it receives little daytime rainfall, so its climate is quite arid, thus ideal for those wishing to make full use of the sunshine and shallow waters.

There is a great range of sightseeing to do in the area. For those who wish to go somewhere a little quieter, day trips by catamaran to the island of Saona are popular. The Marinarium is also very interesting. In this water park you can experience some excellent snorkelling, during which you mingle with grey nurse sharks and stingrays.

Another interesting attraction is Seaquarium, where you don a diving helmet and go for a walk along the sea bottom. The waters here are very clear, so visibility is good.

Punta Cana also boasts some great golf courses, some of which were designed by some of the world’s best golfers and are renowned for both their beauty and ability to frustrate good golfers.

There is an international airport in the area which has regular scheduled flights between many cities in both the United States and Europe.

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