Qantas 747s Get A380 Interiors

The Australian airline Qantas is currently undergoing as transformation as it plans to set up a premium airline to be based in Asia and increase its budget carrier Jetstar to concentrate on tourist routes. The iconic Flying Kangaroo will still remain active, and to enhance the Qantas experience some of its present fleet is undergoing a transformation.

Extensive refurbishment work has begun on a $250 million project to overhaul the interiors of nine Qantas Boeing 747-400 aircraft with the installation of state-of-the-art Airbus A380 style seats and in-flight entertainment units.

The quarter of a billion dollar investment is part of the first phase of the Qantas Group’s five-year plan to build a modern, customer-focused and competitive global airline business.

By installing A380 style interiors on these B747 aircraft Qantas should provide passengers with more style, more comfort, more space and more entertainment.

Each of the aircraft will be fitted with 364 seats: 58 Business, 36 Premium Economy and 270 Economy.

The seats in all three cabins have won awards for their design and comfort, including the 2009 Australian International Design Award for the Economy seat.

Other new features include: Panasonic on-demand in-flight entertainment in every seat with over 1500 entertainment options, and a self-service snack bar in economy.

The project will see the current B747 cabin including seats, electrical wiring, fittings, galleys and in-flight entertainment stripped from the aircraft and brand new cabin fittings, in-flight entertainment and equipment installed. It takes six weeks for the interior of each aircraft to be overhauled.

The first reconfigured Boeing 747 will commence services between Brisbane and Los Angeles in October, operating three return services per week.

The remaining eight aircraft will be introduced across the international network by the end of 2012.
Qantas is yet to determine which route the aircraft will fly.

When the project is completed, Qantas will have a fleet of 14 A380s and nine reconfigured B747 aircraft by the end of 2012.

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