Qantas upgrades Perth flights

Qantas has set the standard for business and leisure travellers flying across the Nullarbor, with the introduction of an internationally configured B747 operating on flights between Sydney and Perth and also increasing the number of internationally configured A330 aircraft on the route.

In July, the Brisbane to Perth market will also benefit from the upgrade of a daily service from a B767 to an A330 aircraft.

Four new services were also added from mid April on the Melbourne to Perth market at key business timings, with three of these services being operated by international A330 aircraft. These moves are in response to the growing demand from both business and leisure travellers flying on Australia’s longest direct domestic sectors, and customer feedback indicating their preference for wide bodied

aircraft.  The East Coast to Perth route is longer than most inter-Europe international routes with flight times regularly exceeding four and five hours, depending on winds.

Over 90 per cent of Qantas services between the Australian east coast and Perth will now be operated with wide-bodied aircraft and Qantas continues to provide the highest schedule frequencies between every east coast to Perth market.

With these latest upgrades, more passengers will now able to enjoy the benefits of an international product including the Qantas Skybed in Business, and personal on-demand entertainment options in every seat across both Business and Economy, offering a vast range of entertainment options on selected flights.

Among the benefits for Qantas travellers on the east-west routes will be:

• Skybed for Business class customers on B747 and internationally configured A330 services     
• Personal on demand entertainment options for passengers in both Business and Economy on B747
and A330 services
• No middle seats in the Business cabin on A330s
• Over 90 per cent of services operated by wide-bodied aircraft
• Enjoy complimentary inflight dining with Neil Perry influenced menus, inflight entertainment and
included baggage allowance on every Qantas flight
• Breeze through the airport with the new faster, smarter check-in
• Choose the seat that suits with complimentary seat selection

Perth has become an important destination for business travellers because of its booming minerals industry that is currently driving Australia’s economy, and it also has a burgeoning tourism potential for both domestic and international visitors because Western Australia’s remoteness has ensured that the most magnificent parts of the state, and there are many outstanding natural features, are still unspoilt but are becoming easier to visit as tourism operators embrace eco tourism.

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