Quantum Fun on Quantum of the Seas

qntmsWell, long gone are the days when onboard activities on ships were limited to quoits and shuffleboard.  The Royal Caribbean megaship Quantum of the Seas takes onboard activities and entertainment to a whole different level.

First of all, one activity that you never believe you could do whilst cruising would be sky diving.  On Quantum of the Seas they now simulate the real thing.

Called Ripcord by iFly, it is the first ever sky-diving simulator at sea! No, you don’t actually go up into the skies on a plane but you do get to experience the sheer thrill and exhilaration of flying in an air machine that lets you soar in a safe, controlled environment.

Another totally unique addition to the ship’s battalion of activities is North Star.  If you can imagine the pods of the London Wheel or any other huge Ferris wheel, then you’ll get the idea, although this is operated via a long arm which extends well past the sides of the ship. Take yourself to new heights with the jewel-shaped capsule that gently ascends over 300 feet above sea level. Breathtaking 360° views of the sea and our destinations make the North Star one of the most anticipated features on this ship.

SeaPlex is the largest indoor active space at sea.  It offers more first experiences for Royal Caribbean guests, such as bumper cars, a circus school with flying trapeze and roller skating.  Yes, a contemporary version of the old amusement ride of bumper cars, but without the overhead wire netting and long pole to access the electricity.

Music Hall is aimed at the adults and features the hottest live music venue on the Quantum class for guests to enjoy intimate and exclusive access to live performances, DJs, theme night parties, billiards and more.

Two70°is a revolutionary multi-level great room, which has been named for its magnificent 270-degree panoramic sea views.  These are viewed through vast, floor-to-ceiling glass walls which span almost three decks, and seamlessly fuse entertainment and technology to create a transformative journey for guests from morning to night.

Or, if you’d like a stateroom, but can’t afford an outside one with its own balcony, Royal Caribbean have introduced 373 Virtual Balcony staterooms.  Yes, these are inside, but you would never know whilst in the room because they are interior staterooms which offer expansive real-time views of the ocean and exciting destinations through virtual balcony.

In other words, even though you are inside, you can still see exactly where you are.

That’s what I call the ultimate in living the dream.

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