Riding Skyway in Katoomba

SkywayKatBack in former days, before it was upgraded, Skyway would lurch from its launch platform, there’d be a bit of a drop and the old metal carriage would rock a bit, and you knew you were on a thrilling journey across this deep void.

Nowadays, the Skyway is a modern carriage that has state-of-art mechanics, smooth take off and a quiet, peaceful ride that is certainly not as frightening as its forebear, but which you more of a feeling of security as you glide across the valley far below.

“Skyway is one of the three main attractions at Scenic World, in Katoomba.”

Katoomba is the biggest town in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Scenic World itself is a brilliant attraction, but I still remember the Skyway from my childhood when our family would holiday in the Blue Mountains, so for me it has a more emotional attachment than both the cablecar and the scenic railway, which are the other two main attractions at Scenic World.

On the Skyway you are suspended 270 metres above a magnificent forest covered valley that is bookended by sheer cliffs which rise sharply to the plateau above.  To put that height into perspective, if the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built in the valley and you stood atop it and looked up to the Skyway, you would have to place another harbour bridge on top of the existing one to reach the base of the carriage.

When you ride the Skyway you do need a good head for heights, for you can look straight down at the treetops, and there is only one cable to stop you from falling.

However, I felt totally safe.  Besides, the view is almost overwhelming.

“It is a 720-metre journey across the valley, and with 360 degree viewing, plus the ability look straight down, it is a most enthralling trip.”

You sail straight past Katoomba Falls, getting so close you feel that you can almost reach out and touch them.  The amount of rainfall determines the amount of water which goes over the substantial drop, but it is impressive even during a relatively dry period.

One of the true highlights is the views you get of the Three Sisters, a trio of peaks which do look like they are co-joined sisters, and one of the best known sights in Katoomba.  They guard the end of a steep ridge and look like they are guarding the valley below.

A pass to Scenic World allows you to ride all attractions as many times as you like.  I like the cablecar and the scenic railway, but for me the Skyway is the experience which satisfies me the best for I really feel like I am floating each time I make that pass over the forest far, far below.

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