Road trip across Australia – Day 12 Narooma

We continued our journey north up the East Coast from Lakes Entrance, passing through the town of Orbost and refilling the car at Cann River. Here we had a choice; we could travel via the Monaro Highway to the Snowy Mountains to experience the snow, or continue heading up the Princes Highway and following the coast. We chose the coastal route as we were running out of time and a diversion to the snow would have taken an extra day or two.
By now the scenery was quite extraordinary as when we weren’t passing farmland we were driving through rainforests, and we were beginning to see some of the lower peaks of the Snowy Mountains, which were still significantly higher than the hills we were crossing.
As soon as we entered New South Wales the roads improved and the number of speed advisory signs increased, we begs the question, if the all the states we had passed through on our journey were able to produce smooth roads, why is it so difficult for Victorians to achieve the same?
The distance from Cann River to Eden in NSW is 109 kilometres, and it is an extraordinarily attractive drive with some spectacular scenery to be observed during the trip.
We stopped at the fishing port of Eden for lunch, trying a little café called the Great White Bite, which is located in Snug Cove, which is Eden’s port. This is a small, but important, port which relies heavily on fishing for its income. We each chose to sample some of the seafood at the Great White Bite, and the food was simply superb. I chose the Salt and Pepper Squid, which was perfectly cooked, tender with the tang of the salt and pepper, and quite delicious. I also chose a Battered Mussel Burger. I’d never eaten battered mussels before, especially on a burger, and I have to say it tasted so fresh and light, which is surprising considering it involved batter. However, it was absolutely scrumptious with the combination of well-cooked mussels, simple salad and tartare sauce on a fresh bun working very well to make it a memorable meal.
From Eden the road turns inland again, passing through a few small towns until you get to Bega, a town that is famous for its cheese. The land around here is very hilly, and you do pass through many attractive valleys that are surrounded by some spectacular hills; you also get some quite gorgeous views on this section of road.
Bega seems to have quite a vibrant community atmosphere, and the famous cheeseworks are located on the northern side of the town. There are many steep climbs and descents on the roads but, fortunately, there is ample opportunity to pass slower traffic.
We reached Narooma at about 4pm and headed straight to the Information Centre to enquire about accommodation. Narooma is also very hilly, with one side of the town overlooking the coast and the other side situated on the shores of a lake. We chose to stay at a motel that was located on top of a hill, but which gave us fantastic views of the coastline.
As this was the shortest day of the year, the sun set a little earlier, but I still had time to go for a walk to enjoy Narooma’s coastal scenery and to watch the light from the lighthouse out on Montague Island, which is several kilometres off shore.
Our room had a huge verandah, and I got up early to enjoy a magnificent sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, a sight I hadn’t seen for a few years.

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