Road trip across Australia Days 13 & 14 Vincentia

Enjoyed a delightful sunrise at Narooma but took our time leaving as we didn’t have such a big drive today, only a couple of hours, which was nothing compared to what we had been used to.

Just after passing through Batemans Bay we took a detour to North Durras, a tiny holiday village that is set within a national park. Many years ago I used to visit North Durras quite often to ride trail bikes through the bush. It’s a magnificent spot, right on a good beach, which has an inlet to a lake.

Because it is within a national park, no major development has been allowed to take place, and it is still in quite pristine condition. Because the past year has had good rains, the dense forest is very lush, and we were fortunate to see a lyre bird, with its splendid long, feathery tail, crossing the road.

Some things have changed at North Durras, such as the road that led directly onto the beach being closed, and trees being planted right on the foreshore, where there were none before, thus ruining the view from the holiday house we used to stay at. The house is still there, and remains unchanged, but very well kept.

We stopped at the town of Milton for lunch, and then completed the short drive to Vincentia, which is located in Jervis Bay.

Once again we were freeloading at a friend’s house; it sure does cut down on costs when you can take advantage of the hospitality of others. The position of the house was superb, right opposite Nelson’s Beach, and looking straight out between the heads of Jervis Bay.

Apparently, Jervis Bay is Australia’s largest deep harbour and most of it falls within the boundaries of national parks, with a good portion of it controlled by the Australian Navy which has a base in the Bay.

Whilst we were there the weather was magnificent and the Bay is extraordinarily attractive. There are many, mostly deserted beaches, ringing the Bay and the water is crystal clear, primarily because Jervis Bay has no rivers running into it, bringing silt or tanning-coloured waters into the bay.

There are many very pleasant and easy-to-negotiate bushwalks to do; each walk connecting a series of gorgeous beaches. There is a different perspective of the Bay to be had each time you turn a corner on the walks, and the bush itself teems with birdlife.

I enjoyed a couple of amazing sunrises, walks along the beaches and through the bush, and just sitting on the verandah admiring the magnificent views.

We ventured into the nearby town of Huskisson, where we admired porpoises playing in the waters close to the shore.

Between the two of them the towns of Vincentia and Huskisson, which are a mere five kilometres apart, have many facilities. Huskisson seems to cater more for the tourist trade, with its main street being filled with cafes, restaurants, touristy shops, and whale watching cruise booking agencies. Vincentia seems to cater more for the local residents as that is where the supermarket, government agencies, and service industries seem to be headquartered.

I had never spent much quality time in Jervis Bay, and I wasn’t really ready to leave when I did, but I had a deadline. I have visited many parts of Australia, and Jervis Bay is one of the loveliest and most serene places that I have been to, it is a place I will re-visit in the future.

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