Road trip across Australia Days 15 & 16 Shoalhaven Heads

Our drive on the final leg of our journey, from Vincentia to Shoalhaven Heads near Nowra on the South Coast of New South Wales was anticlimactic – apart from the fact that a hoon nearly ran me off the road on a roundabout near Nowra, just because he was impatient.
This leg of the journey was only 45 kilometres, much of it through Nowra traffic, and was the least pleasant drive on our whole trip.
Shoalhaven Heads itself is a delightful place, located at the entrance to the Shoalhaven River on the southern tip of Seven Mile Beach.
We checked into our room at the Coolangatta Estate, where we were to stay for two nights.
Coolangatta Estate is a very interesting place, as it is not a hotel or motel in the traditional sense, but has been incorporated into an original settlement that was built on the spot in 1822, and was the first European settlement on the South Coast of New South Wales.
Coolangatta is not named after the popular tourist town in South East Queensland, it is an aboriginal word meaning `perfect view’, and the town in Queensland was named after the ship Coolangatta, which was wrecked near there.
Most of the historic buildings which formed the original estate have been converted into motel accommodation. The exteriors of the various buildings remain intact, but the interiors are now modern motel-type rooms.
Some of the buildings have been imaginatively designed to cater for guests.
For instance, the old stables have been converted into a number of separate motel units. Inside are contemporary rooms containing the basic requirements of modern motel rooms, whilst the exterior of the building could be mistaken for genuine stables.
The Estate also has a winery, restaurant, reception centre and golf course attached to it.
The winery produces wines from unusual grapes, or varieties that are not normally grown in Australia. Some of the varieties grown here include: Savagnin, Chamboucin and Tannat. These grapes are apparently perfect for the coastal setting, and produce wines that are surprisingly good,
We met up with family and friends at Coolangatta Estate and a great time was had by all.

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