Rocky Mountaineer Coastal Passage

cstlpssgOne of the most acclaimed rail journeys in the world is Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer: First Passage to the West journey which links Vancouver and Calgary via the spectacular scenery of the Rocky Mountains, with stops in Kamloops, Lake Louise and Banff. This is a journey that everyone should do at least once in order to fully appreciate the magnificent splendour of the Canadian Rockies.

First Passage to the West is but one of a number of services that is run by Rocky Mountaineer, and their latest journey for the first time crosses the border into the United States.

Called the Coastal Passage, this new route is a scenic three-day journey from Seattle, Washington along the Pacific shoreline to Vancouver, BC before continuing inland to the Canadian Rockies. This trip was essentially designed as an add-on for people who disembark from cruise ships at Seattle and who wish to extend their trip into the Rockies. You can reverse the trip as well, to connect with a cruise ship at Seattle, or carry on to tour the United States by land.

Guests will experience a three-day, all daylight journey on board the Rocky Mountaineer in either GoldLeaf Service or SilverLeaf Service, and ther3e is a choice of hotels, dependant on budget in Vancouver and Kamloops.

The route from Seattle to Vancouver is quite picturesque as it follows the coastline for most of the way north to Everett, home of Boeing. As you pass through Edmonds on the way to Everett you get some great water views near the Edmonds Ferry Crossing.

After Everett the route heads inland and into the Skagit Valley, which is magnificent, lush rural country where verdant cow-filled fields and farm homesteads, complete with obligatory red barns, flash by your window.

The train also passes through Mount Vernon, the former logging town, that is located on the Skagit River and which is renowned for its annual Tulip Festival. As the train nears Bellingham, and gets close to the border with Canada, you can enjoy some of the best water views on this section of the trip.

Once you reach Vancouver you transfer to your choice of hotel and the next day continue on using the same route as the First Passage to the West.

The Coastal Passage currently only runs a few services, but as interest builds and passenger awareness increases then no doubt extra services will be added.

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