Saturday Night in Darwin

ItalFestDarwin, capital to the Northern Territory in Australia, has a reputation for being a wild town.

It’s Saturday night and the Italian Festival is in full swing in the park just across the road from my hotel. There is a good swing band playing a lot of standards, you know the ones Quando, Quando, Quando, etc a bit of Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and the crowd is really lapping it up.

I spent a bit of time at the festival. It was free to get in, the entertainment was superb, and there were lots of stalls selling standard Italian fare. The grog tent was doing an especially good business, and there were thousands of people packed into the park.

Everyone was in good humour. Darwin is an exceedingly laid back place. It has a tropical climate, and I have a theory that warm places lead to contented attitudes, such as the ones displayed at the festival today.

Everyone was there to chill out, relax and have a good time, and there was a very positive, peaceful vibe to the festival.

Darwin fairly rocks on a Saturday night. I wandered away from the festival to checkout the waterfront precinct, where there are some good pubs. They too were packed. Once again, everyone was good natured.

They were even showing a free, outdoor family movie on the lawn near the wave pool. It’s the Dry Season here, so you can guarantee that the evening will be perfect for such a venture. Heaps of families were enjoying a night out under the stars in a really attractive location.

From there, I headed back into the city, to Mitchell St, where pubs and restaurants are so numerous you can have difficulty telling where one ends and the other begins. Not only were,the pubs and restaurants crowded, but so were the streets, with waves of people heading to find a place to socialise.

Once again, it was just a good vibe. Saturday nights in darwin are impressive. The whole town seems to know how to have a good time, with nary a nasty word said.

Darwin is a friendly place at any time, but Saturday nights seem special, as if the whole town seems to need to celebrate the fact that they live modern, clean, casual city where the Dry Season climate is simply superb.

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