Savouring Europe’s oldest restaurant

The food is said to be quite fresh, but Europe’s oldest restaurant is still going, despite being written about in 803AD.

St Peter Stiftskeller – The Restaurant was first mentioned by the scholar Alcuin back in the early 9th century, and the restaurant still operates on the same premises even to this day.

Located in the centre of Salzburg old town, Austria, St Peter Stiftskeller – The Restaurant effortlessly connects the old and the new on highest gastronomic levels, the result is an intricate pattern of ambiance, attraction, charm, experience, hospitality, history, quality, romance and a generous sprinkling of magic. This is the place where illustrious guests have been welcomed for hundreds of years – from Mozart and Haydn to Dr. Faustus…. to this day it is the meeting place for personalities from commerce, politics, sport, culture and the arts.

During the 18th Century St Peter Stiftskeller underwent a monumental transformation.  The year 1786 saw the acquisition of the ‘beer justice’ and the right to serve beer – until then the Stiftskeller could only serve wine, exclusively the wines of the priests.

The 20th Century started with a substantial extension: the world famous Baroque Salon was created in 1903.     

Today the restaurant has 12 salons, and today manages to combine the culinary arts with music.  As you would expect from a restaurant with such a long association in Salzburg the restaurant features a dinner that is accompanied to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart’s iconic Mass in C-Minor was first performed in 1789 in the nearby church of St Peter, on this occasion his wife Constanze sang one of the soprano roles. This is the unique environment for the restaurant’s Mozart Dinner Concerts during which you experience an extraordinary evening by candlelight, and listen to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as performed by the Amadeus Consort  Ensemble, dressed in historic costumes whilst enjoying a superb three course dinner, prepared according to recipes of that period.

Enjoy the old world charm of a restaurant that is truly ageless.

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